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London: The Information Capital

Penguin Books
30 October 2014
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In this 240-page book of original maps and infographics, geographer James Cheshire and I combine dozens of public datasets with stunning design to show you London as you’ve never seen it before—from who lives the longest to how flights stack over Heathrow, from ‘The Knowledge’ of a cabbie to the territories of London’s thirteen football tribes. We like to think of it as one hundred portraits of an old city in a very new way.

2015 The British Cartographic Society Award
2015 Stanfords Award for Printed Mapping
2015 John C. Bartholomew Award for Thematic Mapping

The Super Somber Sloth


A Lantern of Fireflies

826michigan invited me to illustrate a story in their 2015 Young Authors Book Project. They asked participating illustrators to read the students’ stories and choose one they liked. What a task! From these young minds came stories of a magical zebra, diamond candy corns, and barnyard politics. But the one I could not shake was Matt Stoll’s “The Super Somber Sloth.”

Over the course of a day, the sloth climbs a tree and meets four animals. They can do things the sloth can’t, so the sloth starts feeling super somber. Soon the other animals come together to remind the sloth that he’s got skills too ya know. Matt writes: “The sloth was very happy to hear that other animals knew that he had value.”

Heart-rending. Who hasn’t ever felt like that sloth?